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[Product shipping time]

We will ship within 14 to 20 days after payment is confirmed. (It will take a few more days to add options such as name entry. We will inform you about custom-made products each time.)
Please complete the payment within 7 days of ordering.
If you do not contact us and the deadline has passed, we will cancel your order after contacting us.
If shipping is delayed due to various reasons, we will contact you in advance.

[Shipping fee] * As of 2022/06/26. It will change according to the price increase of each company.

Takkyubin → Flat rate of 1,300 yen nationwide

Takkyubin Compact → 900 yen all over Japan

International postage charges → Set by country.


atmosphere peaceでは原則として誤配送・商品不良以外の返品・交換をお受けしておりません。


As a general rule, atmosphere peace does not accept returns or exchanges other than misdelivery, defective products. If you have any concerns about the delivered product, please contact us within 3 days including the arrival date. We would like to hear from you and decide on a response in consultation with the customer.


atmosphere peaceでご購入いただきました商品につきましてはお名前・ご購入時のご住所・ご注文商品名(特徴)などの、ご購入履歴をお教えくだされば永久にご対応いたしますので、お品物をお受け取りになった後もご安心いただけたらと思います。



For products purchased in atmosphere peace, we will respond forever if you tell us your purchase history such as name, address at the time of purchase, ordered product name (characteristics), so we will receive the item. I hope you can rest assured even after becoming. However, we may refuse to make repeated requests for repairs due to intentional malicious damage or beyond the bounds of common sense. In addition, please bear the actual cost such as the loss of stones and parts, the bullion required for size adjustment, and the round-trip shipping fee.



ご注文商品が出荷日より7日を経過しても届かない場合は、お名前とご注文日時、ご注文内容と共にご一報くださいますようよろしくお願い いたします。

Please check from the product tracking site of the corresponding country based on the tracking number provided at the time of product shipment.

If you do not receive your order within 14 days of shipping, please let us know your name, the date and time of your order, and the details of your order.




・ Since each item is handmade one by one, we appreciate your understanding regarding individual differences. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask before ordering.

・ For products using natural materials such as natural stone, baroque pearl, and wood, there are individual differences in color and shape.If you have any concerns, please refrain from ordering to prevent troubles.

・ If you are allergic to metal or the plating process does not suit your skin, please contact us before purchasing.

・ If there is an initial defect or misdelivery, we will replace it. Please let us know the condition of the product and return it after we inform you.